Sika Lyndhurst

Project Description

Lyndhurst was previously cooling with single pass water from a well on site at a rate of 12 million gallons per month.

On January 1, 2015, a new plant-wide cooling water system was fully implemented at the Lyndhurst plant. This new system recirculates the water in a closed loop fashion and consists of the following key components: liquid chiller, dry cooler, two redundant pumping systems, buffer storage tank, heat exchanger, PLC/PV based control system, filtration, supply and return piping system.

This system uses energy in the most efficient manner through utilizing the liquid chiller only in the hot and warm seasons while benefiting from “free” cooling in the colder seasons.

By discontinuing extraction from the onsite well, water usage was dramatically reduced. 

Additionally, maintaining water temperatures year round led to improved performance of the cooling water system through lower water temperatures and corrosion prevention.


Project Name: Closed Loop Cooling Water System
Location: Sika Lyndhurst 
Date: January 1st, 2015