Employee volunteers from Sika Corporation in Canton, MA came together on Tuesday, June 7th, to take part in a local community service endeavor as part of the National Roofing Contractors Association’s (NRCA) National Roofing Week, Community Service Day. The team’s goal was to help clean up the planet by taking the time to pick up trash and debris along the roads near the local offices.


Garbage bags in hand, the group set out in 90-degree heat to do their part and came back with a notable contribution. Various plastic containers, glass bottles, cardboard, and various metal pieces were cleared from the sidewalks and woods area.

“At first glance, the area didn’t look all that bad, but it didn’t even take a minute of walking before we started noticing objects that had blown into the grass, or a shrub, that would have completely gone unnoticed otherwise,” said Bill Bellico, Vice President of Marketing, “those things add up and can be a big problem for the environment.”

A group of Sika employees walking down a road looking for trash
A Sika employee putting trash picked up from the side of the road into a trash bag

Many of those objects could pose some hazards if left unattended. Be it recyclable plastics that otherwise would take years to decompose, small pieces of metal or styrofoam containers that could be eaten by and injure local wildlife, or the more obviously hazardous glass and sharp objects which can damage tires or injure animals and people that might happen upon them unknowingly.

As a company, Sika works hard to provide sustainable initiatives for our customers, and locally our teams work just as hard to demonstrate those same ideals for their communities. The result of their hard work being a clean, litter-free area for the local community to enjoy – and to remind us of the sustainable initiatives we continue to strive for.

As the summer months are upon us, local community members are sure to spend more time outdoors in the sun, whether it is taking their lunch breaks outside, or strolling through the area. Having a clean upkept area benefits all members of the community, including the planet. Sika is proud to continue working to keep the planet clean, and the community well.