Sika is committed to pioneering sustainable solutions to address global challenges and to achieve this safely at the lowest impact on resources. Creating and increasing value while reducing impact – that is the goal. Our strategy fully integrates sustainability into all of our business processes, and we strive to create value for our customers and partners.

Focus on Sustainable Wind Energy

Wind turbines must meet the demands of performing in some of the harshest working environments throughout the world to deliver their required output over long periods. For over 25 years, Sika has partnered with many of the world’s leading wind turbine producers to provide high-performance solutions to meet their rigorous manufacturing installation and repair specifications.

Based on our extensive knowledge of the wind energy industry, Sika offers a full range of products from the base foundation to the tip of the blades, capable of withstanding the harsh climatic conditions found on land and sea.

Catching the Wind

The critical component of wind turbines is the performance of the massive blades that drive the generators. Sika works with OEM blade manufacturers to deliver solutions essential in the design, production, and assembly of wind turbines. From product prototyping with our modeling pastes and tooling board to epoxy systems for molds and blade shells construction to structural bonding for assembly and surface finishing, our solutions help to ensure that each blade maintains its performance.

Protecting the turbine’s heart from extreme climatic conditions is key to ensuring turbine longevity. Sika has developed solutions to seal and bond nacelle covers and elements, as well as a range of smart coatings to protect generator parts from corrosion and mechanical damage.

Keeping Wind Turbines On Line

Mother Nature can pack a mean punch with high winds, lightning, hail, and even birds damaging wind blades and turbines, immediately reducing their performance capacity efficiencies. Wind blades and turbine units must be repaired quickly to get them back into service. Sika has developed a range of high performing repair products and solutions to cure faster in a broader range of temperatures – in as little as 30 minutes, meeting the tough performance specifications to repair units with minimal downtime and get them back into service. Sika’s repair products work on the full spectrum of possible damage, including leading-edge erosion, lightning strikes, scratches, impact damage, surface pinholes, parts reattachment, and bulkhead repair – with no field mixing of components required.

Sika Committed to the Growth of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is expanding globally, driven by the increasing demand for alternative, green energy to reduce the usage of fossil fuels and global warming. Sika is committed globally to supporting the growth in renewable energy with solutions that allow rapid, reliable, and more cost-efficient manufacturing processes to be developed. Sika’s usage of renewable electricity is 15% of our total electricity usage globally with the target of 50% in 2023. We are proud of our long experience in supplying renewable energy industries with high performing reliable products and solutions.

Featured Wind Energy Products