Last week Sika celebrated our third annual Sika Day – a fun-filled day for all employees to celebrate community all over the world. The theme of Sika Day 2023, Caring for Each Other Beyond the Expected, was selected to represent our commitment to giving back to the local communities in which we operate.

Fostering Social Sustainability by Caring for Our Communities Beyond the Expected

Sika recognizes that sustainability goes beyond environmental concerns and extends to social responsibility. By actively engaging in community projects and supporting local initiatives, Sika cares beyond the expected for the well-being and development of the communities we serve. Giving back to the local community is a powerful manifestation of care and a fundamental aspect of sustainability. Sika understands that thriving communities are essential for long-term success and growth.  

Community Service Day 1
Chicago, IL

Sika Hydrotech employees in Chicago, IL  celebrated Sika Day by gathering at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, driven by the shared goal of giving back to their local community. With their collective efforts, the team unloaded an impressive weight of nearly 14,000 pounds of potatoes. These potatoes will go a long way in providing over 11,400 nourishing meals for those in need. Sika Hydrotech's employees' dedication to social sustainability shines through their actions, demonstrating their belief in making a positive impact beyond their professional endeavors.

The event was a resounding success, showcasing their commitment to social sustainability and the well-being of their community. 

Canton, MA

Sika's Canton, MA site celebrated Sika Day by organizing 4 teams of employees to assemble toy tricycles to donate to the Busy Bee Daycare Center in East Bridgewater, MA. The teams completed a fun obstacle course on the trikes and the winning team got a prize. However, our event wasn't just about fostering friendly competition; it was an opportunity to make a positive impact on the community.

Additionally, Canton donated floral centerpieces to two local nursing homes, including Baypointe in Brockton, MA, bringing beauty and cheer to the residents' lives. Sika Day 2023 in Canton served as a testament to the power of community engagement and the profound impact we can have when we come together for a greater cause.

Community Service Day 2
Community Service Day 3
Lyndhurst, NJ

Promoting social sustainability and fostering a sense of community engagement is essential in building a thriving community. Sika employees in Lyndhurst, NJ, have exemplified these values during their 2023 Sika Day celebrations. The site worked together to fill 100 backpacks with essential school supplies for the Lyndhurst Department of Recreation.

This extraordinary act of care goes beyond the expected, as it not only equips young students with the necessary tools for academic success but also signifies unwavering support from the community. By investing in the education and well-being of these students, the Sika has laid the groundwork for a brighter future, cultivating a culture of social responsibility and inclusivity. 

St. Louis, MO

Throughout the U.S. our sites participated in many volunteer-centric activities. Sika's St. Louis site celebrated Sika Day by hosting a food drive to collect much-needed food and personal care items for the local Circle of Concern Food Pantry. Together, the employees donated 247 pounds of food and personal hygiene products. 

Additionally, the team wrote cards and made floral centerpieces for the local nursing home. The St. Louis team displayed immense care and fostered connections in their local community. 

Community Service Day 1

These efforts enhance the resilience and capacity of communities to address challenges and embrace opportunities, ultimately building a more sustainable future. Sika Cares embodies the essence of care and sustainability by actively engaging with and giving back to the local communities. Through its support and investment in community projects, Sika demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility and fosters long-term relationships. By focusing on the needs of the community and contributing to its well-being, Sika strengthens the foundations of sustainability, paving the way for a more inclusive, prosperous, and resilient future.