Single component, cold applied, high elastic, aliphatic, liquid applied polyurethane coating

Sikalastic®-626 is a single component, cold applied, high elastic, aliphatic,  liquid applied moisture-triggered polyurethane roof coating. The moisture triggered chemistry cures extremely fast and is rain resistant within 10 min after application. Sikalastic®-626 is an aliphatic polyurethane and has superior UV resistance and mechanical properties. Sikalastic®-626 is designed for easy application as part of Sikalastic RoofCoat systems.

  • Proven technology - over 30 year track record
  • One component – no mixing, easy and ready to use
  • UV resistant - Highly reflective (RAL9016) and resistant to yellowing
  • Cold applied - requires no heat or flame
  • Cost efficient
  • Seamless roof waterproofing membrane
  • Can be localized reinforced
  • Fast curing - free from rain damage almost immediately on application
  • High elastic and crack-bridging - retains flexibility even at low temperatures
  • Easily re-coated when needed - no stripping required
  • Good adhesion to most substrates- see primer chart
  • Vapor permeable - allows substrate to breathe
  • Strong resistance to common atmospheric chemicals