Concrete admixtures play a very important role in the durability enhancement of concrete.  Without admixtures high durability concrete would be nearly impossible. On a very simple level the reduction of water in concrete allows us to place very durable, high strength concrete with ease.

Sika is committed to providing products that will help concrete stand the test of time.

Durability Enhancement, Air Entrainment
Air Entrainers

Air entrainment plays a very important role in providing freeze-thaw resistance to concrete. Sika’s AEA & AIR series of products provide consistent and high quality air in concrete.

Durability Enhancement, Corrosion Inhibitor
Corrosion Inhibitors

Rebar is utilized in concrete to provide it tensile strength, however, if not properly protected this rebar can corrode and cause concrete to crack and break apart. Sika CNI and Ferroguard technologies can help protect this from happening.

Durability Enhancement, Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures (SRA)
Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures (SRA)

Concrete shrinks! Over time through chemical and drying shrinkage concrete changes volume and these volume changes can cause it to crack. The use of Sika Control SRA’s can help prevent cracking and reduce shrinkage.

Shrinkage Reducing and Compensating Admixtures (SRCA)

Shrinkage cracks in concrete can be caused due to multiple reasons, and there are multiple ways to stop them. The effectiveness of Sika's SRCA's in reducing cracks and compensating shrinkage is achieved by combining the technologies of expansive components and pore water surface tension reduction.

Durability Enhancement, Alkali Silica Reactivity (ASR)
Alkali Silica Reactivity (ASR)

As good aggregates for concrete become more and more scarce, ASR will become more of an issue. Sika’s Control ASR is a lithium-nitrate based admixture that helps control the alkali-silica reaction in high alkali concrete when using reactive aggregates.

Durability Enhancement, Silica Fume
Silica Fume

Silica fume is an extremely fine powder that when utilized in concrete can help provide high strengths. SikaCrete products help densify concrete making it more resistant to mechanical abrasion and chemical ingress.



Metakaolin is highly reactive calcined clay. It is amorphous; it chemically reacts with the hydration products of concrete to reduce its permeability and improve its strength and durability.