Sikalastic RoofCoat cold liquid-applied membranes combine an ultra-high solids silicone resin with localized Sika Flexitape Heavy reinforcement on details, joints or areas with high movement. Sikalastic RoofCoat systems create a highly conformable, self-adhering/self-terminating and cost effective solution for exposed roof refurbishment on most common roofing substrates including, but not limited to Metal, Modified Bitumen, PVC, TPO, EPDM.  Sikalastic RoofCoat silicone membranes have outstanding UV stability and are available as a white CRRC listed reflective membrane, or in other colors for an aesthetic appearance. Sikalastic RoofCoat membranes provide an extremely reliable edge-to-edge roofing/waterproofing system, and also serve as a very effective repair and flashing membrane for a multitude of smaller-scale applications.