Montgomery County, PA
completed system

AJR Painting & Interior Finishes LLC (AJR) was helping with some interior work when the owner of the house asked if they could fix some leaks as well.  It turned out they had a leaking Skylight. The home owners' beautiful Four Seasons Room Skylight allows sunshine to light up the whole living area and kitchen. However, the leaks between glass panes made rainy and snowy days have their own kind of pain. Attempts to seal the skylights over the years through various means had eventu-ally all failed.  To the owner’s fortune, AJR knew just what to do.  AJR called Sika to refamiliarize themselves with the Sikalastic Clearglaze system and provide the home owner with some peace of mind. 



The Sikalastic Clearglaze System offers a complete encapsulation of skylights with fully reinforced window to mullion transitions.  Clearglaze provides a less expensive alternative to complete skylight replacement with very little loss to sunlight trans-mission all while enhancing the hail resistance of windows.  AJR is an approved Sika applicator with excellent workmanship and the final result looked incredible!   

If you have a leaking skylight or want to take a proactive step with your skylights, reach out to your local Sika Representative today!


  • Contractor: AJR Painting & Interior Finishes LLC