Aventura, FL

The developer sold 70% of the condo units with the decks left unfinished. The original balcony specification required condo owners to use one waterproofing product on all balconies so there would be one consistent, premium, long-term warranty. However, individual owners were free to choose their own, unique balcony finish. Each condo owner could rest easy knowing their custom deck finish all would come with a long-term system with proven performance and alkaline resistance.The building manager contacted Amanda Fuentes of Sika and advised that many of the residents were not pleased with the price of the proposed system. Many of the owners were investors who previously invested in several new condos with less expensive traditional pedestrian traffic systems for waterproofing.Amanda, along with Gary Starkey, Sika Manufacture Rep, met with the building management, in January of 2018 and later with renowned Steven G Interiors, and esteemed Developer, Gary Cohen. They discussed the attributes of Sikalastic-624 that made it a premium system. Traditional balcony systems are only warranted for 5 to 7 years requiring owners to tear off their premium tile finishes to renew their waterproofing warranties. With Sikalastic-624 and 644 Lo-VOC, owners can enjoy their balcony finishes undisturbed and warranted for up to 20-25 years!


Finally, it was agreed to use one approved contractor, G-Force Restoration and Waterproofing, and provide one price to all owners to significantly reduce the cost of each balcony. G-Force became a big fan of the Sikalastic-624 Waterproofing System and has as-sisted in gaining specifications on other projects. Gary Cohen also requested Sikalastic-624 be used on his next pool deck project.Sikalastic-624 and Sikalastic-644 Lo-VOC are fully reinforced alkali-resistant, liquid-applied waterproofing systems. With a full sand broadcast, decorative tile can adhere directly to the waterproofing system with a long-term warranty!


  • Specifier: Seigar Suarez Architects
  • General Contractor: Suffolk
  • Contractor: G-Force Restoration & Waterproofing