Madeira Beach, FL
seaview condo madeira beach fl

Located on sunny Madeira Beach, the Seaview Condo has been bombarded for years by the forces of mother nature. Over time, deterioration of the buildings façade resulted in stucco failures. These failures allowed water to slowly penetrate and migrate into the interior spaces of the structure. Forensic investigation revealed little to no waterproofing was present to prevent water penetration where CMU block infill walls meet poured concrete of the structure. The solution was proposed to replace the stucco but, before doing so, apply a conformable, reinforced waterproofing system, like Sika RoofPro, at these critical transitions to prevent the scenario from happening again. Elevated Engineering specified Sikalastic RoofPro 624 WP for this repair.


Sika RoofPro solved the problem of a fully bonded, fully reinforced conformable waterproofing membrane that could be installed vertically and transition across multiple substrates. The project was considered a success because the waterproofing membrane fully conformed and sealed the intricated transitions. The property owners and residents are happy to know that even if the stucco fails, the wall will not leak. RoofPro is likely to be used in this fashion again at other buildings of similar construction. The membrane can be applied vertically and used as a waterproofing in this scenario.

seaview condo repaired
repaired seaview condo
seaview condo repaired
seaview condo repaired


  • Engineer: Elevated Engineering Services, LLC - Brian Keiter & Dan Sapp
  • General Contractor: WKM Restoration Group
  • Contractor: WKM Restoration Group
  • Distributor: Coastal Construction Products