Naples, Florida
roof terrace

The Aerial Companies are a veteran RoofPro contractor with an excellent reputation for quality work. Sika was happy to find out they were awarded a residential house in Naples, FL and wanted to use Sikalastic RoofPro. The homeowner wanted a roof terrace that could be used for a variety of outdoor activities and remain waterproof for a long time. The roof terrace and the stairs leading up to the roof terrace were both open and exposed to rain and thus needed waterproofing. Sikalastic RoofPro systems are liquid applied and fully reinforced. The Sika Reemat Premium reinforcement allows for easy detailing up and over each step of the stair case allowing for a full, 20-year system even on the stairs!

waterproofed stairs
waterproofing system


Since Sikalastic-624 was used, the home owner can choose to glue tile, pavers and other decorative options into a sanded top coat to provide an aesthetically pleasing, reliable finish to the roof terrace they were building.


  • Engineer: The Aerial Companies