DensDeck Prime

DensDeck® Prime Roof Board has been enhanced to provide a broader compatibility and higher performance with roofing adhesives. Face mat enhancements allow adhesives to be applied more uniformly and consistently. In adhered, single ply membrane testing, enhanced DensDeck Prime demonstrated an average of 24% better bond than the original products, when using solvent based adhesives. (Average based on 60 sq.ft./gal coverage rates.)* Choose DensDeck Prime Roof Boards for adhered and self-adhered “peel & stick” roofing systems, as well as hot mopped, cold mastic and torch-applied modified bitumen roofs. Enhanced DensDeck Prime Roof Boards create a stronger and more economical installation by reducing the amounts of mastic or adhesive used and potentially eliminates the field primer. Consult with membrane manufacturer for actual priming requirements. DensDeck Prime Roof Boards are the first and only fiberglass mat gypsum roof boards with a 90-day weather exposure limited warranty when applied vertically on a parapet wall.** (Limited to 1/2( and 5/8( products only.)

  • Moisture Management
  • Fire Resistance Classifications