Sikalastic® Conductive Primer

Two-component epoxy, universal conductive primer for high voltage, dry electronic leak detection testing

Sikalastic® Conductive Primer consists of two components: an epoxy resin (Part A) with conductive fibers and an activator (Part B). In its wet mixed state it is red in color. This primer allows for electric currents to go through potential voids in Sikalastic membranes and can be grounded without the need for a conductive substrate. This enables a dry, high voltage (min. 7.56kv) electronic leak detection testing technique.

  • Low odor, low VOC formulation
  • Conductive fibers allow for high voltage (dry) electronic leak detection (ELD)
  • Capable ELD testing for the life of the roofing/waterproofing assembly
  • Compatible with most common substrate and flashing materials
  • For use as a primer no need for additional primers
  • Corrosion protection in industrial and marine environments
  • Enhances adhesion to a broad range of metallic substrates
  • Protects against migration of volatile bitumen or plasticizers
  • Easy application by squeegee and back roll