Sikalastic® EPDM/TPO Primer Lo-VOC

Single component low VOC primer for consistent and durable adhesion between Sikalastic® RoofPro and Sikalastic RoofCoat systems to EPDM and TPO Membranes

Sikalastic® EPDM/TPO Primer Lo-VOC is a rubber polymer-based primer used to improve adhesion of Sikalastic RoofPro and RoofCoat liquid applied membranes to flexible EPDM and TPO roofing membranes.Sikalastic® EPDM/TPO Primer Lo-VOC has been formulated with VOC exempt solvents for use in regulated markets where other solvent borne primers can not be used. This primer does not react with atmospheric moisture allowing it to be opened and resealed for use at a later date.

  • Provides excellent adhesion of new Sikalastic® liquid applied membrane to most EPDM & TPO membranes
  • Quick cure allows same day Sikalastic® membrane application in most instances
  • Low VOC content (240 g/l) for use in VOC regulated markets