Fastener Polymer GypTec

fastener polymer gyptec is a glass-filled nylon auger fastener

Fastener Polymer GypTec is a glass-filled nylon auger fastener used to attach Sarnafil® S 327 Membrane or Sikaplan® Fastened Membrane as well as Sarnatherm® insulation, Sarnatherm roof boards, gypsum roof boards, or other Sika approved boards into cementitious wood fiber or gypsum roof decks.

  • Designed for increased pullout resistance and shear strength.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Made from glass-filled nylon, which eliminates corrosion and thermal bridging
  • Non-penetrating design.  Fastener threads into the deck but not through
  • The Fastener Polymer GypTec is FM approved for insulation attachment only.