DensDeck® Roof Board is an exceptional fire barrier, thermal barrier, coverboard and recovery board used in various commercial roofing systems. The DensDeck Roof Board design employs fiberglass mats front and back that are mechanically bonded to a high density gypsum core, providing excellent fire resistance and wind uplift properties. The unique construction of DensDeck Roof Board provides superior flute spanning that stiffens and provides increased foot traffic resistance to the roof deck. Additionally, DensDeck Roof Board has been shown to withstand delamination, deterioration and job-site damage far more effectively than roofing membrane substrates such as paperfaced gypsum board, fiberboard and perlite insulation. DensDeck Roof Board has scored a 10, the highest level of performance for mold resistance per the ASTM D3273 test method.

• Moisture Management

• Fire Resistance Classifications

• Wind Uplift