Sikaplan® Fastened-60 Feltback EnergySmart

60 mil thick PVC thermoplastic membrane with felt backing

Sikaplan® Fastened-60 Feltback EnergySmart EnergySmart Roof Membrane is a PVC thermoplastic membrane produced with a polyester scrim reinforcement and a 9 oz. or 3 oz. recycled felt backing. Sikaplan Fastened-60 Feltback EnergySmart utilizes the Pro-Weld™ visual indicator to provide real-time feedback that the proper seam welding temperature and speed settings are being used during installation.

  • Highly reflective
  • Excellent tear strength resistance
  • Factory applied lacquer coating to reduce dirt pick up
  • Hot-air welded seams for long-term performance
  • Cost effective option for single-ply recovers (3 oz.)
  • Felt backing eliminates the need to install a coverboard (3 oz.)
  • Pro-Weld visual welding temperature indicator1
1 White membrane only