Charlton, Massachusetts

New Sarnafil Roof Keeps Popular Brewery Hopping

Standing in line for hours for one case of canned beer might seem foolish to some people, but to fans of Tree House Brewing – which was recently named one of the country’s Top 15 Craft Breweries by Forbes magazine – it is well worth it. It’s been said that the key to Tree House Brewing’s success is meticulous attention to details such as temperatures, additives and the water used in the brewing. It only made sense that the same attention to detail would be utilized when selecting a roofing system for the new facility.

Tree House Brewery Co. 

Roofing Contractor
Kidd-Luukko Corporation,
Worcester, Massachusetts

Roofing System
RhinoBond Roof System using
60 mil Sarnafil S 327 membrane in White

Project Size
50,000 square feet

Tree House Brewery
Tree House Brewing Company
Meeting the Bar

The roof that Tree House Brewing selected to cover its new brewery is the Sarnafil EnergySmart membrane in White. “We like Sarnafil because it is easy to use, easy to specify and an industry leader,” said Peter Webster, designer/project manager at Austin Design in Brattleboro, Vermont. “The light colored, reflective roof also offers energy savings, and our past experience with the Sarnafil roof shows it is a great product.”

Tree House Brewing Company
“Can Do” Attitude

Bob Luukko and his team had a ‘can do’ attitude that really helped move the project along,” Webster commented. In fact, Kidd-Luukko was able to complete the installation ahead of the allotted eight-month time frame, Luukko said, adding that teamwork was key.

Tree House Brewing Company
Moving Ahead

Today, both the roof and the brewery are doing great. “We’ve had no problems with the roof at all,” Webster said. The brewery also continues to thrive. At the new facility, Tree House Brewing will be able to produce 40,000 barrels a year – compared to 12,000 barrels at their former facility in Monson, Massachusetts – and they plan to eventually expand the capacity to 180,000 barrels a year.

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