Sarnafil® G 410-60 SA Textured

60 mil thick PVC thermoplastic membrane

Sarnafil® G 410-60 SA Textured Roof Membrane is a PVC thermoplastic membrane with a factory applied pressure-sensitive adhesive backing and siliconized polyethylene release liner. It is produced with an integral fiberglass mat reinforcement for excellent dimensional stability, with heat-weldable seams, and a textured surface.

  • Embossed surface
  • VOC free and odor free
  • Factory applied adhesive to reduce on-site installation labor and ensure uniform adhesive application
  • Low temperature application limit of 20°F (-7°C)
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Factory applied lacquer coating to reduce dirt pick up
  • Hot-air welded seams for long-term performance
  • Superior fire resistance
  • Proven membrane performance