Concrete Roof Deck Issues Webinar

The roofing industry has seen an increase in the number of issues with moisture and concrete roof decks, both new projects and existing. Concrete roof decks has been used for many years, so what has changed over the past few years?

moisture assessment webinar
Learning Objectives:
  • Claims for moisture related problems with roofing systems applied to concrete decks increasing.
  • Roofing systems applied to concrete decks are no more prone to leakage than other deck types.
What are Moisture Sensitive Materials?
  • Organic (cellulose based) material susceptible to mold and decay with prolonged exposure to RH above 80%.
  • High RH within the roofing system prone to condensation when the outside temperature drops.
Posted on: 07/23/2019

Watch the Recording

Construction site concrete casting on Reinforcing Bar of industrial floor top view

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