Skylight Technology Webinar

With 90% of time spent indoors, a healthy lifestyle requires more exposure to daylight to improve learning, working, and recovery. That is why Sika Sarnafil and Velux are partnering to bring you a webinar on all you need to know about the trending feature revitalizing healthy living while also saving on costs and energy – the skylight. Learn how this mainstream addition is the solution to creating a positive work environment that will leave employees happier and more productive.

Course Description

We are partnering to bring you an in-depth look at commercial skylights with an industry expert in our "Emerging Toplighting Technologies" webinar. Topics such as building costs, new technologies, energy savings, and a healthy work environment will covered. 

Learning Objectives


Discuss factors influencing the adoption of daylighting in building codes; review daylighting requirements in current building codes; learn how to effectively incorporate daylighting into buildings based on the application.


Learn how technological advancements within the unit skylight category will further increase energy savings, enhance interior aesthetics, reduce site-service issues, and influence lighting designs.


Learn how technological advancements within the monument & architectural metal frame skylight category have reduced service issues, provided labor-saving solutions, and better energy performance.


Learn how technological advancements within the tubular daylighting device category will improve energy savings, reduce upfront costs, and increase product lifecycles.

A hallway being light up by the sun from the skylights above

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