Take Roofing to New Level

Realize your design with Sarnafil® Décor Roof Systems. Décor is the ideal choice for new or existing buildings that call for the appearance of a metal roof, yet require maximum watertight performance. Décor Roof Systems deliver…

AESTHETICS of metal roofs, but the watertight integrity of hot-air welded thermoplastic membrane.

DESIGN FLEXIBILITY to express your creativity as never before—regardless of roof slope, shape, or complexity.

PROVEN PERFORMANCE spanning 50+ years of delivering long-lasting, high-quality roofing systems.

LOW LIFE-CYCLE COSTS driven by minimal maintenance requirements and exceptional system longevity.

THICKNESS GUARANTEE PROGRAM that goes beyond industry standards and ensures that all Sarnafil-branded membranes meet or exceed labeled thickness.

EnergySmart Roof® colors that meet ENERGY STAR®,* Title 24, LEED® and Green Globes® requirements for solar reflectance and emissivity ratings.** Improve the energy-saving performance of your roof by choosing one of four EnergySmart Roof colors.

Colored Decor roofing system
Because Appearance Counts

A Décor Profile hot-air welded to the membrane surface mimics the appearance of a standing seam metal roof. You enjoy the appearance of metal without the cost or performance issues.*

Design Flexibility

With Décor, you are no longer held hostage to roof or building geometry. You can expand your artistic expression without being limited by roofing materials that are ill-suited to free-form design and require expensive recaulking and other annual maintenance. The result, the finished roof conforms to your design.

Freedom to Choose
  • Décor colors: White, Tan, Light Gray, Patina Green, Lead Gray, Copper Brown, Evergreen, or custom color. Or, one color for ribs, another for membrane
  • Rib length and spacing
  • The positioning of ribs before they are hot-air welded in place

Décor PROFILES have the same product formulation as the Sarnafil membrane, ensuring that colors match, both initially and over time. The ribs come in 10-foot sections that are connected on the roof and permanently fused to the Sarnafil membrane using the Sarnamatic hot-air welder. The Sarnamatic is designed specifically to weld Sarnafil membranes and includes a patented** kit for welding Décor Profiles.

Because Performance is Necessary

Manufacturing high-quality roofing systems for over 50 years, Sika has more experience than any other North American thermoplastic membrane manufacturer. Our roofs have proved their worth consistently, again and again, regardless of climate.

Sarnafil Membrane Up Close . . .

Décor Roof Systems use Sarnafil G410 thermoplastic vinyl membrane, a time-tested product that has proved its ability to withstand weather extremes in all climates around the world. The membrane has an integral fiberglass reinforcement that provides exceptional dimensional stability and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. A felt backing on the membrane helps to achieve a smooth appearance over common roofing substrates.

G410 membrane is hot-air welded to produce watertight seams that are even stronger than the membrane itself. And, unlike metal roofs, where penetrations and detailing are a common source of leakage, Décor’s hot-air welded flashings remain watertight.

. . . And Over the Long Haul.

All told, Sika has manufactured billions of square feet of thermoplastic membrane and has more than 50 years of vinyl membrane production experience. And we back up our membrane performance with a choice of warranty durations and types of coverage.

We'll Show You the Difference. Now.

Sarnafil membrane consistently comes out on top in independent testing of roof membrane performance. Décor Roof Systems meet or exceed all relevant standards, including those of ASTM, UL, and Factory Mutual. The finished roof conforms to your design.


Parameters ASTM Test Method Minimum ASTM D-4434 Requirements Sarnafil G-410 Membrane*
Reinforcing material Fiberglass *Based on…
Overall thickness, mil D751 45 60
Thickness above scrim, mil 16 27
Felt Weight oz/yd2 9
Breaking Strength, lbf/in (N) D751 55 (245) 80 (356)
Elongation at break, min.
Machine direction %
Cross direction %

Seam strength,**Failure occurs min. (% of original) D751 75 Pass
Retention of properties after heat aging D3045
Tensile strength, min. (% of original) D751 90 Pass
Elongation, min. (% of original) D751 90 Pass
Tearing resistance, lbf (N) D1004 10 (45.0) 17.5 (78)
Low-temperature bend, -40°F (-40°C) D2136 Pass Pass
Accelerated weathering test (Fluorescent light, UV exposure) G154 5,000 Hours 10,000 Hours
Cracking (7X magnification) None None
Discoloration (by observation)
Negligible Negligible
Crazing (7X magnification) None None
Linear dimensional change (CD), % D1204 0.10% max. -0.02%
Weight change after immersion in water D570 ±3.0% 1.9%
Static puncture resistance, 33 lbf (15 kg) D5602 Pass Pass
Dynamic puncture resistance, 7.3 ft-lbf (10 J) D5635 Pass Pass

* Based on typical membrane properties. Variations in manufacturing may occur.
** Failure occurs through membrane rupture, not seam failure.