Personico, Switzerland

45+ Years

The unusually shaped roof of the Nuova Biaschina Hydroelectric Plant in Personico was first waterproofed with a Sika Sarnafil membrane during its original construction in 1967. Since that time a number of field tests have been conducted to determine the durability and effectiveness of the single ply membrane, and today over 45 years after installation and over 35 years after the end of the original guarantee period, the membrane is still proven to be waterproof.

Hydro Power Station
Sika Sarnafil Life Expectancy

Roofs and roof waterproofing membranes are designed to have extremely long service lives but when a new material is introduced knowledge on the service life is restricted to data obtained from accelerated ageing tests. However physical properties of all roof systems change with age and outdoor exposure.

Sika roofing, as part of its commitment to providing the very best single ply membranes, undertakes regular reviews of the life expectancy of its systems. One such investigation was carried out on the Personico roof when the building was 34 years old. Although various kinds of soiling were present, the PVC membrane did not reveal any signs of deterioration. Seams were cut out and tested on site and all proved to be flawless.

Following the comprehensive investigations, a new piece of membrane was hot air welded to the existing material, with strong seams being achieved even after the long exposure of the old material to all kinds of weathering conditions.

There are few roofing manufacturers who have been around long enough to support their life expectancy claims with real life examples, so how can specifiers be sure the roofing systems will last? Sika roofing has over 50 years’ experience and single ply systems that are proven to perform beyond expectations, fully supported by a body of work investigating the longevity of hundreds of roofs around the world.

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