Greenwood Village, Colorado

Sarnafil Roof Gives Denver Tech Center Office the Golden Touch

When One Denver Technology Center renovated their facility recently, one of its goals was to retain a LEED® Gold certification.  One component that helped the upscale office building in Greenwood Village, Colorado achieve that objective was a Sarnafil EnergySmart Roof.  The EnergySmart Roof is light-colored to reflect the sun’s rays, thereby keeping the building cooler and lowering energy costs.  “The white reflective color of the roof was important in retaining a LEED Gold,” stated Mike Gardner, Associate III at Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. of  Lakewood, Colorado and the roof consultant on the project.  “We also had to recycle as much of the old roof as we could.”

Principal Group

Roofing Contractor
D & D Roofing, Inc. 
Commerce City, Colorado

Roofing System
Adhered EnergySmart Roof® using  60 mil Sarnafil® G410 membrane  in white color

Project Size
19,200 square feet

one tech
denver tech roof
Roof System and Contractor up for the Job

Meeting the recycling requirement and installing the new roof were not easy tasks. The existing roof had 16,000 pavers on top. Roofing contractor D & D Roofing, Inc. tore down the roofing system to the structural concrete deck, cutting up and bundling the existing membrane and preparing the isocyanurate and pavers for recycling.  “Over 192,000 pounds of existing pavers were recycled or repurposed along with 8,448 pounds of insulation,” said Chris Frey, vice president at D & D Roofing. In addition, the roof was 200 feet above the ground and close to pedestrian and automobile traffic.   

Works Well With Others

The height of the building and the wind speed also merited some special design considerations.  “I wanted to make sure we exceeded the municipality wind uplift requirements so I worked with Sika representatives on the perimeter anchorage,” Gardner explained.  “They helped me on pressure and attachment rates and the amount of anchor bar that needed to go around the building.” Despite all these demands and challenges,  D & D Roofing was able to complete the installation on schedule, within budget, and without a punch list.  “I was very pleased with the caliber of their work,” Gardner remarked. “Working with Chris Frey made my job as a consultant much easier.”   It was this professionalism that earned D & D Roofing Third Place in Sika Sarnafil’s 2012 Contractor Project of the Year, Sustainability Category.

Meeting a Gold Standard

Today the roof is LEED Gold certified and performing well.  “There have been no problems with the roof and the building owners are pleased,” Frey said. Gardner added, “I would definitely specify this roof again.  As a roofing consultant I represent owners, and I’d like them to be long-term clients.  I want them to have a roofing system that will perform for a long time and meet their needs.  The Sarnafil roof does that.”

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