Wyomissing, PA

Atonement Lutheran Church

Sikalastic 641 Lo-VOC system with Fleece reinforcement

The church was experiencing water infiltration in some of the lower level areas of the building and wanted an effectivesolution so they turned to TBS Services, Inc. for assistance. TBS Services, Inc. had specified and used Sikalastic-641 Lo-VOC RoofPro on previous projects before and were comfortable with it and knew the system worked well. The problemareas were identified to be the entrance to the school and the stairwell leading into the main building.


Sika was able to bring on a longtime Sika customer, Witmer Waterproofing, LLC., to be trained as an approved RoofProapplicator. Sika now enjoys an improved relationship with Witmer and Witmer has enjoyed a new tool in their belt.Since the project’s completion, Witmer has reached out to Sika to partner on future waterproofing projects.Sikalastic®-641 Lo-VOC Roofing System combines a cold applied, aliphatic, single-component, moisture-triggered,polyurethane resin with a fiberglass mat or polyester fleece reinforcement to create a seamless membrane and flashingsystem. Call your local Sika Rep Today to find out more on Sika's Roofing and Waterproofing solutions!


ENGINEER: TBS Services, Inc.

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Ebersole Brothers Construction, Inc.

CONTRACTOR: Witmer Waterproofing, LLC

roof with Sikalastic
Sikalastic RoofPro application
building from a far
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