Project Description

The fiberglass skylight array over the church had been leaking in numerous locations for many years. Attempts were made to fix using sealant but these repairs only worked temporarily. The facility was concerned they would need to replace the skylight which was very expensive as the total size was 8000 sf. A long term solution was sought that would stop the leaks without affecting light transmission and eliminate the need to replace the large skylight array.

Contractor: F&F Roofing
Sika Organization: Sika Corporation

Fiberglass Pyrimid Shaped Skylight
Exterior view of a roof with a cross perched on top

Project Solution

Sikalastic® Clearglaze, a clear, polycarbonate polyurethane, waterproof coating system was chosen for the project. The Sikalastic® Roof Pro system was applied to the metal mullions in a copper patina color to meet the church’s aesthetic goals. Then two coats of the Sikalastic® Clearglaze clear coating was applied over the entire skylight to form a monolithic waterproofing membrane. The Sikalastic® Clearglaze provided a long term waterproofing system that has stopped the leaks, saved the client a significant sum of money, and was visually undetectable by the church patrons.