Philadelphia, PA

Project Description

Restoring a Philadelphian Icon

The St. Vincent's De Paul Church is an iconic landmark in Philadelphia that had seen better days. The two famous domes not only needed repair and waterproofing but the restoration efforts had to maintain all the original aesthetics.

The domes were constructed with wood frames and are covered with over 7,000 sq ft of metal sheets with seams in various states of deterioration. Once the metal seems were repaired, Sikalastic RoofPro was able to provide a seamless, durable, sustainable, maintenance free coating that kept the look and color the public can enjoy today.

Project Solution

Sikalastic® 621
Sikalastic® 641
Sikalastic® EP Primer
Sika Flexitape
Sika Premium Remat Reinforcement

Project Participants

OWNER: St Vincent De Paul Church
CONSULTANT: Merrell & Garaguso, Inc.
CONTRACTOR: Kurtz Construction

roof with sikalastic

dome of st vincent church with Sikalastic
side view of church with sikalastic roof