Silicon Valley, CA

Sikalastic RoofPro fluid and detailing with single ply roofing systems

front view of the building
detail image with applied Sikalastic


A major manufacturer of single ply roofing systems had recently all but completed a large PVC roofing installation for a confidential Silicon Valley client when there was an inquiry from the roofing contractor. The interface of concrete curbs and supports with the single ply roof system presented a detailing challenge. Enter the Sikalastic RoofPro 641 Lo VOC fluid applied roofing and waterproofing system.

Featuring a low odor, no mix, and virtually no waste system comprised of a conformable Sika Reemat fiberglass reinforcement and the Sikalastic EP Primer, Sika was able to effectively address the challenging condition and offer a fully warrantable tie in to existing single ply PVC roofing. Sikalastic-641 Lo-VOC is compatible with nearly any other existing roofing system - TPO, BUR, EPDM, HRA, to name but a few. Whether detailing or full coverage, new or existing roofs, Sikalastic RoofPro is your easily employed, globally proven solution. Contact your local Sika Representative and find out more.


  • Sikalastic 644 Lo-VOC
  • Sika 140 Fleece
  • Sika Flexitape Heavy
  • Sika Premium Rermat Reinforcement
  • Sikaflex 11 FC


  • OWNER: University of Pennsylvania
  • SPECIFIER: 1100 Architect
  • GC: Daniel J Keating Company
  • CONTRACTOR: EDA Contractors, Inc
Sikalastic 641 applied on roof


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