San Diego, CA

The PVC roofing membrane at the San Diego County building was in need of refurbishment. Sikalastic 646 Lo-VOC RoofCoat, a moisture triggered urethane, was chosen for it's user friendly nature and performance characteristics.

installation in process


The PVC roofing membrane was cleaned by pressure washing to provide a clean sound surface for application. Sikalastic EP Primer was used to adhere the RoofCoat 646 product to the existing membrane. At the edge terminations Sikalastic SA Tape was used to transition over the horizontal edge termination of the existing PVC roofing and allow a smooth locally reinforced tie in at all perimeter details. All seams in the existing PVC membrane roof were locally reinforced with Sika Flexitape set in a coat of the Sikalastic 646. Alta Roofing & Waterproofing also coated the exposed concrete above the roof to seal and protect this portion of the building as well. The finished product provided the County of San Diego facility with a seamless 20 year roof refurbishment as well as protection of the exposed concrete structure associated with the roof.

applying system
applied membrane


  • Contractor: Contractor: Alta Roofing & Waterproofing