Dallas, TX
dream center dallas texas

Complicated flashing details required fluid applied membrane for split face block wall, parapets and steep slope spire architectural feature. Phoenix 1 chose the Sikalastic RoofPro based on past success and experience. Details were reviewed and approved between Sarnafil and Sika LAM TFS prior to job start.


Low flashing heights for the Sarnafil membrane were encountered and the Sikalastic RoofPro was able to be utilized for a seamless Sika solution. Sikadur 31 Epoxy was used to fill and smooth parapet caps that were cut out of natural stone but had pockets that required filling. Successful completion was accomplished late spring. Continued successful results utilizing both Sarnafil and Sikalastic RoofPro to provide a seamless parapet, complicated wall and spire flashing where traditional mechanical termination was not practical or feasible.

dream center repair
dream center repair
dream center repair
dream center repair


  • Engineer: Merriman Associates
  • General Contractor: Phoenix 1
  • Contractor: Anchor Roofing