St. Petersburg, Florida

The Flori de Leon Apartment building is on historic grounds. Long ago, the site hosted the New York Yankee baseball great Babe Ruth and his guests during the roaring 1920's spring training in downtown St. Petersburg. The project required that the existing asphaltic roof membrane remains in place and that a replacement membrane is installed on top.

During the pre-construction investigation, water was discovered under portions of the existing asphaltic membrane. Those areas had to be cut out, allowed to dry, and replaced with a similar asphaltic material prior to the RoofPro membrane installation. There were also some areas on the roof where the existing concrete deck had deteriorated significantly and had to be repaired with SikaQuick 1000 repair mortar before continuing.


The total area repaired came to around 5,000 square feet utilizing a 15 Year Sikalastic-624 RoofPro membrane. Sikalastic®-624 WP Waterproofing System combines a cold liquid-applied, aliphatic, single component, alkali resistant, moisture-triggered polyurethane resin with fiberglass mat or polyester fleece reinforcement to create a seamless membrane and flashing system. Typical applications include a separate wearing course (overlayment or overburden), but Sikalastic®-624 WP Waterproofing System is UV resistant without protection board and is therefore suitable for direct exposure waterproofing applications as well.


  • Engineer: Karins Engineering
  • General Contractor: Complete Property Services (CPS)