Charlotte, NC
completed system

One of the local engineering firms that Sika calls on came up with a need to restore an existing roof and provide a longer term solution for a section of roof with more limited accessibility. At the same time, Tim Stokes with Sarnafil, had contacted us to touch base with Hall AEC regarding a potential project. RoofCoat/RoofPro provided the perfect solution to both conditions. Local Sika LAM representative Matt Keeler drove the project into fruition and performed onsite QA/QC. Adhesion tests were scheduled and performed. The results far exceeded our 8 pli minimum. Specification was written around the Sikalastic materials and included reinforcing EPDM seams with SA Tape along with detailing drains, skylight curbs, scuppers and parapets with Reemat Premium prior to applying the RoofCoat 20 (646) system.

substrate preparation
substrate preparation


RoofPro/RoofCoat gave the engineer the ability to present to the owner warranty coverage from a single manufacturer. The efforts resulted in 134 Square application of RoofCoat 646 and 6 Squares of RoofPro 20.

As a result of the adhesion testing, it was discovered that the RoofCoat actually demonstrated better adhesion without the use of primer or detergents for cleaning. Existing EPDM was thoroughly pressure washed, allowed to dry and restored with RoofCoat. Contractors found it was the easiest to apply a liquid system especially from a trusted source, Sika, whom they have worked with before.


  • Engineer: Hall AEC
  • Interstate Roofing
finished system
roof deck