Redding, CA


In January of 2020, Scott Tyson was contacted by the lead architect for the State of California to conduct a specificationreview. The project in question involved the recoat of an existing PVC sheet roof on a state office building in Redding,CA. The Sikalastic-500 Silicone Coating System was offered and accepted based on expected performance along withavailability of a compatible primer and highly functional horizontal and vertical grade formulations.


The Sikalastic-500 system aggressively adhered to the existing single-ply PVC roofing system with the use of the Sikalastic-503 primer. Sika's horizontal field grade and flashing grade effectively addressed all existing conditions of theroof. The chosen color white also allowed for enhanced reflectivity and energy efficiency as a "Cool Roof" - bringing theclient significant cost savings when compared to a complete re-roof of the facility.The building owner was very satisfied with responsiveness of Sika's Field Reps. and the overall outcome of the projectas completed by Clark Roofing. We look forward to working more with the State of California in the future.



Contractor: Clark Roofing - Sacramento, CA

stadium after sikalastic was applied
stadium after sikalastic was applied
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