Amanda Fuentes working with Complete Property Services (CPS) and Karins Engineering developed a waterproofing scenario for the terrace setback roof of the buildings.


The project required an immediate remediation of the leaking waterproofing membrane. After leaks were observed below the decks the decision was made to remove the existing poorly installed waterproofing.  Years of neglect caused an immediate hurdle of a damaged existing concrete substrate not suitable for a typical waterproofing application. Beyond just repairing concrete and providing water tightness the condominium association also wanted the flexibility to provide multiple types of finish options for each condo owner. These project requirements resulted in a comprehensive approach and skillful installation of Sika repair materials, Emseal DSM expansion joints and Sika RoofPro.


Sikadur-22 Lo-Mod overlay provided an easy, robust way to repair the damaged surface while Sikalastic-624 WP provide a fully reinforced waterproofing layer. Sikalastic-624 WP can be exposed, sanded to a non-skid finish, coated with gemstone or sanded to rejection and tiled, giving each owner multiple options depending on their ended use and style choice. CPS continues to use Sikalastic RoofPro in correlation with Gemstone on balcony and terrace projects and was happy to add Sikadur-22 Lo-Mod to their repertoire of concrete repair products. Now the condo owners can enjoy their terraces in style and best of all have the comfort of NO MORE LEAKS!


  • Engineer: Karins Engineering Group
  • Contractor: Complete Property Services