liquid applied membrane on UGI US Liquid Natural Gas Tank at sunset

Mar-Allen Concrete was performing some maintenance & repairs on the concrete when the need for a waterproof membrane was discovered. The membrane would have to be able to withstand maintenance foot traffic and be UV stable since the top of the tank is completely exposed.

View from top of UGI US Liquid Natural Gas Tank
Sikalastic 641 Lo-VOC pail in use
liquid applied membrane on UGI US Liquid Natural Gas Tank


Sika was chosen for the job since Mar-Allen Concrete has a long history of using our products in multiple types of industries. They have encountered problems in the past and Sika has provided solutions, this waterproofing job is no different. The Sikalstic 641 Lo-VOC waterproofing system was able to provide a long term robust waterproofing solution that can be renewed when the warranty expires without a big hassle. Working on the top of a LNG tank it is often very windy and the single component chemistry of the resin & primer makes applications of the system quick and efficient. Once again we have proven our self to the customer and they will continue to look for us for solutions.


  • General Contractor: Mar-Allen Concrete