New R&D Lab at Sika Sarnafil

Sika pioneered the use of PVC for roofing applications way back in 1962, developing the world's first thermoplastic membrane reinforced with fabric. This development revolutionized the single-ply roofing industry. With a focus on maintaining its status as the industry leader and an eye fixed on the future of single-ply roofing, Sika Roofing is proud to unveil a brand new, state of the art research and development lab at the company's headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts.

Sika Roofing Unveils New R&D Lab

This new lab features a pilot line to assist with membrane manufacturing at a test-batch size, a 75-liter lab mixer and an ice cannon for hail testing purposes. 

The "mini extruder" is able to manufacture Sika membrane with both fiberglass and scrim reinforcement in the same formulations as the company's two full-size extruders.  

In the past, R&D was forced to find available time in the production schedule of the main extruders. This proved to be a nearly impossible task, not to mention an extremely expensive one. For a 10-foot test batch of membrane, an entire crew was needed to run the large extruder.

For other tests, R&D had to ship membrane samples across the Atlantic Ocean to Sika's corporate headquarters in Switzerland. Not only was this expensive, but it was time consuming as well.

Sika Roofing Unveils New R&D Lab

As a result of these hindrances, R&D projects would routinely be delayed. Thanks to the arrival and installation of the new equipment, there are no longer interruptions within R&D or on the main extruder lines that produce Sika membrane for customers all over the country.

 In addition, Sika's capabilities are greatly expanded.

With the single-ply roofing industry continually evolving and producing better products, Sika Roofing will once again be at the forefront thanks to its commitment to innovation and a desire to remain at the head of the pack.