The groundbreaking system is the only solar solution with Factory Mutual approval

Sika® Sarnafil® is excited to announce that the Sika SolaRoof® System is the first and only Factory Mutual (FM) approved commercial and industrial solar roofing system.  The Sika SolaRoof® is an integrated solar solution that eliminates the interface challenges between roof assemblies and photovoltaic (PV) installations.

The Sika SolaRoof® incorporates the proven performance of Sarnafil roof assemblies with an innovative, non-penetrating, lightweight racking solution for long-term securement of rooftop PV.  Having passed the stringent testing requirements of FM standard 4478, the Sika SolaRoof®  is the only solar solution for FM-insured buildings and those customers who are not insured by FM but view FM as the industry benchmark for performance, durability, and safety. 


Sika SolaRoof

FM testing confirmed that the PV racking system installation does not negatively impact the performance of the underlying Sarnafil roof system. FM Approvals’ comprehensive, systematic testing looks at the effects of internal and external fire and wind can have on the fully installed systems.  By receiving these unprecedented approvals, industrial and commercial companies have confirmation that the Sika SolaRoof® has successfully completed certification requirements backed by scientific-based research to verify their design and performance live up to the highest standards for installation and usage. FM Approvals encourages the development and use of tested and certified products that improve and advance property loss prevention practices for all stakeholders.

“The Sika SolaRoof® System is a game changer and the most innovative commercial application in the solar roofing arena in recent history,” said Bill Bellico, Vice President of Marketing for Sika Sarnafil. “Having a non-ballasted system secured without the need for hundreds of penetrations in the roof alone changes the game.  Adding the stamp of FM approval now for fire and wind performance adds the extra piece of mind for once concerned building owners.”

The Sika SolaRoof® is covered by a single-source warranty for up to 20 years.  No other solar solution covers both the roofing assembly and racking system under one warranty.  Another benefit of the Sika SolaRoof® is its versatility. The system can be assembled in either a South or East-West facing configuration depending on optimal performance and the customer’s needs. 

Sika SolaRoof

The key component to securing the Sika SolaRoof® System is the prefabricated PVC “clicks”. The clicks, which are made with the same PVC formulation as the Sarnafil roof membrane, are secured to each rack and hot-air welded to the Sarnafil membrane eliminating potential leakage points. Since the clicks are hot-air welded to the membrane, ballast is not required, making the Sika SolaRoof® System ideal for most lightweight roof structures and also removes the potential for roof damage due to wind-related lateral movement. And because the clicks are made from the same formulation as the Sarnafil roof membrane, compatibility issues are eliminated.