Team Building, Learning, and Creativity during COVID-19: Sika Sarnafil Regional Technicians Video Contest

You know what they say – when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The COVID-19 crisis may have presented challenging circumstances for us all, but we are proud to say that the difficulties haven’t stymied the Sika Sarnafil spirit of team building, learning, and growing.

On the contrary, this ongoing period of social isolation has provided a unique outlet for creative forces, including those of the Sika Sarnafil field technical staff as witnessed through the impressive results of our company’s recent regional field technical staff video contest. 

Sarnafil Video Technical Competition

Sika Sarnafil recognizes that short, focused videos will be one of the most, if not the most, important training mediums in the future. When COVID-19 further emphasized and accelerated this trend that has been gaining momentum over the past years – the need for more video training – the company’s management team resolved to take advantage of the unique opportunity to participate in its development.

With this growing need in mind, the Sika Sarnafil management team decided to initiate a contest for all field technical staff to produce training videos. The goal? To have

a little fun in these challenging times and develop tools to benefit Sika Sarnafil customers now and in the future.  Donning their necessary safety gear and Sika Sarnafil golf shirts, technicians went forth to unleash their creativity and take advantage of some of their newly evolved free-time while adhering to all current social distancing rules and precautions.  

Submittals covered a wide range of topics and were genuinely impressive in quality. It was clear that every participant put a

Sarnafil Video Technical Competition
Sarnafil Video Technical Competition

lot of thought and effort into creating these tutorials.Congratulations to T.J. Kyle for earning the 1st Place prize for his hand welding tutorial! The Sika Sarnafil management team is likewise excited to recognize Andrew Marengo for winning 2nd Place for his membrane cleaning demonstration. In truth, the judging panel was so impressed with the participation level, overall quality of instruction, creative ideas and approaches for demonstrating different application elements, the breadth of the topics covered, and the production quality of many of the videos (featuring

banners, title slides, music, etc.), that they could not let the remaining participants go unnoticed. As a sign of appreciation to all who took on the challenge, each technician who submitted a video was awarded a Target gift card for their efforts, a nod to the participants’ commitment and to Sika Sarnafil’s partnership with Target, a leader in sustainability in the roofing industry and one of our biggest partners. While this quarantine season has had its challenges, it is inspiring to witness the unique opportunities it has presented for fostering community growth and innovation. Once things return to a semblance of “normal,” the Sika Sarnafil Marketing team is eager to develop a library of videos for the company website based on the videos received.

Once again, congratulations to all the impressive Sika Sarnafil regional technical staff for their hard work and their participation. We thank you for a job well done and we look forward to working side by side once more – keep on creating!  

View the Winning Videos:

1st Place Winner

How to Properly Hand Weld
By Technical Rep TJ Kyle

2nd Place Winner

Membrane Cleaning
By Technical Rep Andrew Marengo