My Summer With Sika- Roofing RoundUp

From July 5 to September 9 this past summer, a pair of Sika ambassadors traveled across the country in a Sika-branded car to meet Sika partners, learn about exciting construction and report their daily experiences.

From NYC to Miami, from Dallas to Los Angeles, from San Francisco to Seattle, from Denver to Chicago, from Detroit to Boston, Matt Bowman and Eric Kritzer spent nearly two months together on their Sika mission.

When all was said and done, the two young men traveled through 26 states and visited hundreds of job sites. They drove through the Everglades in Florida, the Mojave Desert in California and the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

As they stated, "The pride of Sika’s customers is infectious, so we always left a job site wanting to get more involved. Before this trip we did not understand the level of care and thought put into every construction project no matter the size. Planning and preparation is often more intensive than the installation process itself. As we’ve learned, Sika’s customers are working hard every day across the country to complete successful projects."

My Summer With Sika Roundup

During their travels, Matt and Eric visited numerous Sika Roofing job sites including the new Zurich headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois, Anheuser Busch’s new addition to their canning facility in Jacksonville, Florida, Burbank Studios in Burbank California and McCormick Place in Chicago, among many others.

On their visit to the new addition to Anheuser Busch’s canning facility in Jacksonville, Matt and Eric learned about the importance of safety during a roofing project.

"Since a worker falling off the roof is a very real scenario in roofing construction, the project managing firm Haskell has implemented a 15 foot safety perimeter around the roofs edge as part of their safety initiative. Any worker in this area has to have a safety harness on and be attached to an anchor point in the roof. We even got the opportunity to sit in on a safety orientation seminar, which promoted attentive working and speaking out about unsafe practices. The unpredictable Florida weather also plays a role in Haskell’s safety protocols, as workers need to exit the roof if lightening is approaching."

My Summer With Sika Roundup