Sika Roofing takes another step forward in sustainability mission.

Sika Roofing is pleased to announce another step forward in its sustainability mission by completing Manufacturer Inventory audits for Sarnafil roof membranes. Green Building Initiatives and Certification Systems, such as LEED, assess the sustainable performance of building materials and the performance of the whole building. Sika is actively participating in these initiatives and programs.

The Manufacturer Inventories for Sarnafil roof membranes support our customers’ material ingredient and transparency initiatives. The assessments included a review of the completeness and accuracy of the hazard classification, assessment, and communication within the provisions of North American countries’ regulatory requirements. They have been third-party verified by GreenCircle Certified, LLC to follow LEED standard requirements and help contribute to 1.5 credits under LEED V4/V4.1, meeting the requirements of LEED MR Credit: Building Disclosure and Optimization – Material Ingredients – Option 1. The Manufacturer Inventories can also help contribute to one point under WELL v2 - Materials Credit X07 Part 1 – Select Products with Disclosed Ingredients.

Energy Smart in All Geographies

Roofing systems are an important consideration when evaluating sustainable construction. Sika manufactures systems with an emphasis on protecting natural resources and minimizing the impact on the environment. Sika Roofing continues to be a leader in sustainable roofing through its EnergySmart® roof membranes and robust roof recycling process including a post-consumer, roof take-back program that recycles millions of square feet of roof membrane each year, putting them back into new roof products and greatly reducing the burden on landfills.

Sarnafil roof membranes were the first in the industry to receive Platinum Ratings under NSF/ANSI 347 - Sustainability Assessment for Single Ply Roofing Membranes. Sika was also the first +Vantage Vinyl verified roofing membrane manufacturer through the Vinyl Sustainability Council. Sika was the industry’s first and only single ply roofing manufacturer to produce full life cycle, Cradle-to-Grave Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) for their membranes. As an ISO 14001 registered manufacturer, Sika is committed to offering sustainable roofing solutions to the market and its customers.

To find more information on Sika Roofing’s commitment to sustainability, including more information and official certificates for the GreenCircle Manufacturer Inventories, please visit our Product Transparency page here.