Food & Beverage

No roofing manufacturer better understands, or is more prepared to address, the unique challenges of the food and beverage industry than Sika Sarnafil.  Food and beverage manufacturers, processers, packagers, and retailers face a host of ever-increasing risks, costs and government regulations that have a major impact on budget, resources and, ultimately, the cost of the product to the consumer.  

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Tree House Brewing Company
Solving Problems

With over 55 years of experience, Sika Sarnafil has been helping food and beverage customers solve their roofing problems by offering a fully customizable series of high-performance thermoplastic roofing systems proven to be energy-efficient, highly resilient, and sustainable — factors that result in one of the lowest life-time ownership costs in the industry.

Addressing Your Needs

Any construction project that disrupts, delays or shuts down production or impacts customer experience incurs enormous costs. That is why Sika Sarnafil offers multiple solutions from low/no-VOC and odor-free products to non-penetrating roof securement systems to address every project’s specific needs relative to the building’s occupants, function, and valuable inventory inside.

Increasing Your Return on Investment

The initial installed cost, while a significant component is only a fraction of the overall cost. The total cost of any roofing system is determined over its entire life cycle taking into account system longevity, maintenance expenses, and disposal costs.

Return On Investment Attributes:
  • System Longevity
  • Membrane Reflectivity-Cooling Cost Savings
  • Sika SolaRoof Systems
  • Low/No Maintenance Systems
Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery
Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Leak Free Environment: No other thermoplastic roofing membrane has a longer track record of proven performance than Sarnafil. Third-party testing agencies in both Europe and the United States agree that a “service life of 35 years of Sarnafil roofing membrane…reflects the high resistance to weathering and aging of the product when properly installed1.”

Minimal Roof Deck Penetrations: With a wide range of adhesives for both insulation and membrane securement, and our new Self-Adhered Membrane and Flashing, Sika offers a variety of systems requiring little or no roof deck penetrations to build the perfect system for your buildings unique requirements. This is especially important when roofing over food production areas.

VOC/Odor Free Products: The Sarnafil Self-Adhered Membrane is the first and only Peel and Stick PVC membrane in the industry. And with the introduction of the new Self-Adhered Flashing Membrane, you can install a complete adhered roofing system without concerns of liquid adhesive VOC’s or odors, an important factor when reroofing over food production and other sensitive areas.

High Foot Traffic Roofs Areas: Sarnafil Textured Membrane is the industry's first thermoplastic product with a textured surface. We also offer Sarnatred-V and Crossgrip XTRA walkway mats for high-foot traffic areas.

Energy Efficient Products: Sika Sarnafil’s EnergySmart Roofmembranes can help decrease cooling costs in your building while ourSika SolaRoof can help you generate energy by harnessing the power of the sun. Depending on your local codes, installing a solar roof could come with added tax incentives.

Superior Fire Performance: Vinyl materials, such as Sika Sarnafilmembranes, are naturally fire resistant and do not continue to burn when the flame source is removed. This is important on all building types but especially crucial on food production facilities and any building with Solar.

Unique Roofing Needs: From assistance in writing roof specifications to the creation of custom roof details, Sika Sarnafil’s local and national representatives are there to help ensure you install the best roof for your building. And roofs are inspected at the end of installation by one of our technical representatives to ensure your roof was properly ensuring it will perform for decades.