Glen Gardner, NJ
pedestrian bridge

The pedestrian bridge at the Vorhees Highschool in Glen Gardner, NJ was in serious conditions, and the design team originally considered a demolition and complete new build. The unreinforced traffic coatings has been worn off and infiltrating water lead to serious structural damage in the concrete and the metal beams. The Gillespie Group worked out a refurbishment plan with Sika, including concrete repair, a new waterproofing and traffic layer and replacement of corroded truss work. The Gillespie Group has worked with Sikalastic RoofPro systems before on several occasions, and it was clear that the new waterproofing/traffic coating system had to perform better than the original coating.


The concrete has been repaired and re-pitched with Sika Quick-1000, and cracks have been sealed with Sikaflex 11 FC. The combination of Sikalastic RoofPro system with a Sikalastic DeckPro system was the perfect solution for this project as it combines a 20-year waterproofing system with a trafficable system with high abrasion and slip resistance. This solution not only saved a significant amount of money for the school, but it was also completed in only a fraction of the construction time versus compared to a new build. The entire project could be completed during the summer break without interruptions for the school.

damage from rust
damage on bridge
damaged pedestrian bridge
repaired pedestrian bridge


  • Engineer: Spiezle Group
  • General Contractor: The Gillespie Group