Central Park South, New York City, New York



Central Park South, New York City, New York, USA

Construction Year:

1930 – original construction, 2014 – roof restoration Size in ft2: 20,000

Central Park South


Built in 1930, the Barbizon Plaza Hotel was considered at the time to be the premier address within a premier luxury hotel district located at the southeast corner of Central Park.

As its distinctive architectural signature, the Barbizon Plaza Hotel “was crowned by a hipped roof covered with small glass tiles set on their edges in narrow ribs of reinforced concrete. By day the tiles shimmered in the sunlight; at night, the hotel’s all-glass pinnacle transformed the tower into a prism of light, a mellow phosphorescent glow duplicating the texture of moonlight.”

Over the years, the roof developed severe leaks with structural damage to the concrete. The roof was reconstructed to accommodate the mounting of HVAC equipment on the roof, with a mechanical screen wall extension erected around the perimeter of the roof. The roof and screening wall were subsequently covered with golden fiberglass panels and decorative spires.

The Barbizon Plaza Hotel was sold and renovated into a luxury condominium residence in 1988.


Project scope: waterproof a 20,000 sf mechanical equipment screen/roof with decorative spires at the top of a 38 story 85 yr. old residential high rise.

Special requirements : provide a gold-colored low-odor liquid-applied membrane that provides watertightness, conforms to complex substrate geometry, and fulfills landmark requirements.


Architect: HL Zimmerman
Contractor: 4 Star Consulting
Sika Organization: Sika U.S.


Products sold:

  • Sikalastic® EP primer
  • Sikalastic®-641 Lo VOC moisture-triggered polyurethane resin
  • Sikalastic® 140 Fleece reinforcement

System Advantages:

  • Liquid-applied, fleece-reinforced membrane conformed to substrate geometry, retaining profile of panels.
  • Custom color duplicated original color of fiberglass panels.
  • Straightforward application techniques were readily accomplished from swing scaffolding.
  • Moisture-triggered resin chemistry provided installation flexibility in varying weather conditions


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