Rochester, NY
housing authority building

The Rochester Housing authority has commissioned Konopka Architecture to plan the refurbishment of the façade at the Lake Towers in Rochester. The Building was built over 30 years ago and not only has the paint faded over time, but the façade was also leaking at the ledges. Konopka Architecture has reached out to the local Sika Representative looking for a complete building envelope solution from one manufacturer. Sika was able to provide a complete solution including new sealants at the windows, repair mortars, façade coating and a liquid applied waterproofing membrane to waterproof the leaking ledges. All system components are part of Sika's complete building envelope solutions that have been tested comprehensively for compatibility and used on several similar projects over the last decades.

in progress
finished system


For the ledge waterproofing system, the Architect wanted the highest performing system and the Sikalastic RoofPro 25 year System has been selected. The unique Sikalastic Reemat Premium reinforcement enabled the contractor to adjust the reinforcement to the profile at the complicated details at the façade to create a 100 % seamless waterproofing system. SikaQuick-1000 has been used to provide positive drain away from the façade before the Sikalastic RoofPro system has been applied. The construction proceeded as scheduled without disturbing the tenants. It is yet another example of Sika's competitive advantage of complete building envelope solutions.


  • Engineer: Konopka Architecture, Rochester, NY
  • Contractor: Montanosa Restoration, LLC
  • Sika Representative: M.L. Harper & Company, Webster, NY