Villa Nova, PA

From the Willows Park website one can gleam the historic structure was originally “[d]esigned by renowned Philadelphia architect Charles Barton Keen for the bride of a wealthy distillery owner, the mansion was built in 1910 and originally called Rose Garland.” Later, Radnor Township “renamed the property in homage to the beautiful willow trees encircling its pond.” Recently, this historic property needed repairs and refurbishment.Gillespie Contracting was hired to restore this historic property. With restoration work going on both inside and outside of the building it is imperative that the structure be waterproof and secure. Gillespie Contracting is a longtime Sika customer and have had many successes with Sikalastic RoofPro. For this project, the fluid-applied roofing was partnered with Albert Rossi of AJR Painting. AJR Painting is known for their attention to detail with historical projects, particularly painting and coating, and now after official Sikalastic RoofPro training, they will be known for Roofing!


The one-component, liquid-applied, Sikalastic-641 Lo-VOC roof system with Sika Fleece reinforcement, Sika Flexitape Heavy detailing scrim and Sikaflex-11 FC sealant helped rebuild and protect the roof and provide a long term, robust waterproofing system. After experiencing the ease of the Sikalastic system, AJR is already actively bidding future projects with Sikalastic RoofPro in Radnor Township.Restoration is the backbone of Sika so restoring a building of historic significance is always thrilling. If you are looking to add new life to and protect a historic structure, call your local Sika rep today!


  • General Contractor: Gillespie Contracting
  • Contractor: AJR Painting