Honolulu, HI
completed system

One Waterfront was experiencing leaks caused by a failed waterproofing membrane system that had been installed under tile. Ownership required a high quality membrane that had proven track record and a company that would stand behind their warranty. CDI recommended the use of the Sikalastic 624 WP system based on quality, support and their own proven experience with the Sika RoofPro membrane systems. The Sikalastic 624 WP was submitted for approval and was accepted by the condominium board and their consultant. Once the first phase was completed the Waterfront Tower board awarded the second phase of the project to Porter.

substrate preparation
system application
work in progress


The failed waterproofing membrane had begun to saponification caused by alkali attack. Sikalastic 624 WP's excellent alkali resistance with proven track record meet and exceeded the project requirements. Phase 3 of the project should be going out to bid soon. This phase will include the amenity deck area around the swimming pool.

tile installation
finished deck
completed system


  • Contractor: CDI & Porter
system conformed
tennis courts