Recycling Your Old Roof

Sika’s one-of-a-kind Roof Recycling Program for vinyl membranes eases the burden on landfills while conserving natural resources. This innovative, sustainable roofing program is absolutely free to building owners while costing roofing contractors
little or nothing.

Sika introduced this program for commercial vinyl roofing membranes in 2005. The company has already diverted nearly 45 million pounds of old vinyl roofing from landfills, successfully reprocessing it into raw material suitable for use in the manufacture of new roofing and waterproofing membrane products.

Sika will accept a building owner’s existing PVC roofing membrane for recycling with the purchase of a Sika roofing system. The company will also take back the newly installed vinyl roofing system for recycling at the end of its service life. Older roofs suitable for the program must consist of a nonadhered PVC membrane, and competing brands are accepted into the program in addition to Sika roofing systems.

The program seeks to create a cost-neutral pricing arrangement between the company and roofing contractors to keep waste—mountains of used roofing vinyl—from landfills. The program relies on proven vinyl recycling technologies and is a win-win for Sika and environmentally-conscious building owners. It also creates a strong bond between manufacturer, building owner and contractor as they unite to address waste issues—issues which impact both industry and the environment.

Construction and demolition debris accounts for about 40 percent of all solid waste in the U.S., according to the EPA, and available landfill space is diminishing at an alarming rate. Municipal costs associated with the disposal of construction waste continue to escalate.

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Large shopping mall complex with a white Sarnafil roof
A Practical, Efficient Plan

Under this recycling program, contractors turn over to Sika the bulk of an older vinyl roof being torn off and thereby avoid expenses related to the hauling of the waste to local dumping sites and associated tipping fees.

Sika supplies contractors with containers and accompanying pallets for the recycled materials—these items are delivered to contractors along with new roofing materials at no additional cost.

Contractor labor costs related to recycling are minimal. These costs, and other possible expenses associated with the sending of packed recycling containers to the membrane reprocessing facility, are typically offset by a significant savings in disposal fees.

Sika has invested in large-scale reprocessing equipment and developed a simplified logistics plan to streamline and enhance the process for participating building owners and contractors. The company’s Roof Recycling Program has been singled out for recognition by the state legislature in Massachusetts and by numerous roofing trade associations.

Several national retailers with multiple locations across the country like Target and Whole Foods Market are among the building owners active in Sika’s recycling program.

Sika is the only commercial roofing company in the U.S. to receive certification from UL Environment relating to the recycled content of its roofing membrane products. The company’s 10-foot wide Sarnafil® and Sikaplan® roofing membranes, PVC Protection Layer, and Sarnatred group of products all contain an average of 10 percent recycled vinyl content from pre- and post-consumer sources.

Waste reduction, of course, starts with durable products that stand the test of time. Long-lasting roofs need to be removed and replaced less frequently, providing lower life cycle costs and reducing the amount of waste destined for landfills. Sarnafil membranes are renowned for performing after decades of use in a wide range of climates. This history of proven performance assures customers of one of the longest lasting roofing systems available.