St. Maarten

American University of Caribbean under construction


Hurricane force winds produced no peeling or delamination of the RoofPro membrane - only some skid marks and scrapes in RoofPro membrane from airborne HVAC equipment which can be easily repaired. The RoofPro membrane is still well-bonded all around the tear preventing water from getting under the membrane and moving laterally to find a leakage pathway into the building.

On September 6, 2017 Hurricane Irma swept throught St. Maarten and the surrounding islands. Category 5 winds of 185+ mph caused widespread damage to buildings throughout the area. Only minor damage occurred to the RoofPro membrane. The pictures below show 4 year old RoofPro membrane on the American University of the Caribbean medical building after Hurricane Irma devastated St. Maarten.

While metal roof panels on the adjacent building and metal flashing on the AUC building were blown away during Hurricane Irma, the RoofPro membrane in the foreground held fast.


  • New Construction of Medical Building
  • 25,500 square feet of 15-Year Sikalastic 601/621 RoofPro waterproof membrane on roof
  • RoofPro membrane was installed in April and May 2013


OWNER: Devry University
GC / APPLICATOR: DCK Worldwide/Expert Roof

damaged roof membrane

minor roofpro membrane damage after hurricane

damaged roof membrane
roof with new membrane