Perry World House, University of Pennsylvania
front view of perry world house, university of pensilvania
front of perry world house


The University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) chose various Sikalastic RoofPro products on several other campus projects previously and had seen the problems that RoofPro was able to solve. When faced with a leaking roof over the very prominent Perry World House, they knew exactly who to call to get the job done right. Sika maintains a great relationship with the university, specifier and the approved contractor so providing a 20 year, single source warranty was an easy choice for everyone.

Before the repairs, the Perry World House won two prestigious awards: the AIA New York State 2017 Design Award, Award of Citation and the 2017 Architzer A+ Awards, Popular Choice: Higher Education & Research Facilities. So, not only did the leaks in roof need to be stopped, but the superior looking roof had to maintain its award-winning aesthetics! Through the combination of Sika Reemat and Fleece Reinforcement, Sika and the approved applicator were able to provide a 20 year, fully reinforced system that kept the look of the original design.


  • Sikalastic 644 Lo-VOC
  • Sika 140 Fleece
  • Sika Flexitape Heavy
  • Sika Premium Rermat Reinforcement
  • Sikaflex 11 FC


  • OWNER: University of Pennsylvania
  • SPECIFIER: 1100 Architect
  • GC: Daniel J Keating Company
  • CONTRACTOR: EDA Contractors, Inc


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