Sika® Concrete Primer

A two component, rapid curing, high solids, solvent-based polyurethane primer. It is designed for sealing cementitious substrates to reduce the incidence of outgassing.

Sikalastic® DTE Primer

A two component, 100% solids, damp tolerant epoxy primer. It is designed for sealing cementitious substrates that are subjected to continuously humid/damp conditions. Intended to reduce the incidence of outgassing.

Can be mixed with kiln-dried quartz aggregate to create a sealing slurry.

Sikalastic® EP Primer

Sikalastic EP Primer/Sealer is a two-pack, amine cured primer that offers a high level of corrosion and vapor resistance. It consists of a base (Part A) and an activator (Part B). This high performance self-priming epoxy is ideal for use as a universal primer over a variety of substrates including ferrous metals, galvanized, lead, copper, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, concrete, bitumen, and tightly adhered existing coatings.

Sika® Reactivation Primer

Sikalastic® Reactivation Primer is a single component, polyurethane based primer for the reactivation of existing Sikalastic® membranes prior to over coating, repairing, or modifying. In its wet state, it is clear.

Sika® Bonding Primer

Sika® Bonding Primer is a rapid curing, water based primer consisting of two components: a prereacted epoxy resin dispersed in water (Part A), and a waterborne modified polyamine solution (Part B). In its wet mixed state, it is milky green and slightly viscous.

Sika® Concrete Primer Lo-VOC

Sika Concrete Primer Lo-VOC is cold applied, single component, low-odor moisture-curing polyurethane resin. It is designed for sealing cementious substrate to reduce the incidence of outgassing. It is designed as part of Sikalastic systems.

Sika® Joint Tape SA Primer